Music Lesson Benefits

Are Music Lessons worth the Price?

Music has been found to enrich the lives of all who participate in its creation or in its enjoyment. When you choose to take music lessons, you are choosing to learn a skill that will benefit you and bring you joy your entire life!

Your teacher has chosen to make music their business and their occupation. As with any business, costs are calculated to both ensure that the highest quality product is given and that the business makes enough profit to continue providing this service.

Where does my Music Tuition Go?

  • Time spent with the student – lessons, performances, group lessons

  • Time spent in preparation for the student

o Trips to the music store

o Lesson planning

o Researching fun games for the group classes

o Searching for appropriate repertoire & recordings

o Bookkeeping

  • Recital costs and preparations – facility rental, creating programs

  • Studio expenses – copying; computer software & I-pad music games; piano tunings

  • Materials purchased by the teacher which can be loaned out to students

  • Your teacher’s training and experience

  • Professional organization memberships

o Groups that provide other performance events or competitions

o Membership in MTNA (national teacher organization) and EVMTA (our local piano group) allow for participation in the Arizona Study Program

  • Subscriptions to professional magazines and on-line teacher resources

  • Continuing education – attending on-line webinars regarding teaching topics

  • Property taxes, Self-employment taxes, Insurance

By investing in your child’s music education, you can provide them with a skill they’ll enjoy for a lifetime!