Teaching Policies


My goal as a piano teacher is to provide interesting music and to help my students perform it accurately, both from a technical and musical standpoint. It’s important to establish a solid foundation from which the students can continue learning. Most piano players will not become professional musicians, but I hope to help them become literate and skilled pianists who really enjoy music. I welcome input from my students on the type of music they would most like to play.


Lessons are given each week for either one-half hour or 45 minutes. Parents are always welcome to observe their child’s piano lesson. Most piano lessons will utilize a lesson book, technic and theory books, and other performance and supplementary music. Group lessons are scheduled about once a month.


I will do whatever I can during the lesson time to assist the student in learning new pieces. However, it is ultimately up to the student to invest his or her time in practicing in order to be truly successful. Each student should be fully prepared for lessons each week. For beginning and elementary level students, I would recommend 30-45 minutes of practice a day, and for intermediate and advanced students, 1 hour a day.


Every student is encouraged to participate in performance events other than the studio recitals. I’ll keep you informed about performance opportunities, and your suggestions are welcome. Attending a piano concert can also be very beneficial. Listening to an accomplished performer is extremely motivational.


Parents should supervise their children’s practice to ensure that they are well prepared for every lesson. Try to listen to your child play and be encouraging. Please help your child to find a regular practice time free from interruptions and distractions, and enforce their practice time faithfully. Practicing every day is much more effective than practicing right before the lesson. Piano study involves the art of developing self-discipline as well as developing the skills for performance. If you encounter a lack of interest or lesson related problems, please notify me immediately. Also, let me know if a student is going through any physical or emotional difficulties which may affect their progress.


It is essential that we take good care of our pianos to have the best playing experience possible and also to extend the life of our instrument. It's a good idea to have pianos tuned at least twice a year. If you need a recommendation for a piano tuner, please let me know.


Fees are payable by the month, in advance of lessons. Contact me for my current rates. If the student should decide to withdraw from lessons, a 30-day notice is required. Any books or sheet music purchased for and given to the student will be listed on the next month’s fees. For each semester, there is a non-refundable fee per student to help defray the rental cost for our recital and to help cover group lesson costs.


Regular attendance is essential to consistent musical learning and growth. NEW THIS YEAR – Each student will be allowed 3 make-up lessons for the year - ONLY IF I’m notified by at least the day prior to the lesson. No lesson will be rescheduled if I’m notified the day of the student’s lesson. An exception will be made in case the student becomes ill. An illness will not count as 1 of your 3 allowable make-up lessons. As in the past, any rescheduled lessons MUST be made up within 1 week’s time, or the lesson is forfeited. If I need to cancel a lesson, we’ll try to reschedule, but if we can’t find a suitable time to meet, the lesson fee will be refunded in the following month.


If any questions arise between lessons, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm very open to your concerns and suggestions.